After 4 years had passed im still hurting im still in grief in losing my mom. I cant stop the tears falling from my eyes after hearing a bit of her experiences while fighting to her sickness (cancer) alone in other country . It really breaks my heart really. I thought naka get over na ako . I thought nka move on n ako..but still and iknow hindi p tlga. I miss her so much. Shes a super duper mom na khit ikamatay p nia shell do everything just to give us a good life. And i thank God for giving us such a wonderful greatful and best mon and dad ever .. super iloveyou both kht i seldom say it. You will be always my inspiration. Sorry for all stupid things idid that hurt your feeling. San k man ngaun momy thank you. . Watch us always and protect us.

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San ka ngayon? Proud PINOY :)

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Katy Perry announces “Make Roar Happen” educational project"Continually I have a lot of attention and sometimes it’s nice to take the attention that I have and the spotlight that I have and shine it on things that are more important than just green hair or hot pink shoes.

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june 5th - happy 34th birthday draco malfoy! (and jo)

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